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Differently Abled Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Driving using hand controls, adaptive vehicles -
We can help you adapt to your sports:
Motorcycle hand controls, motor cycle wheelchair attachments
Vehicle modifications,
Hand/foot specialized pedals, hand/foot steering, push button controls, etc.
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Customized Wheelchair Seating for sports
We have 20+ years experience in customizing chairs and seating mobility systems for all abilities. We can recommend adaptations for sports, work set up, ergonomic set ups.
There's many different types of seating cushions, back rests, molding, arm rests, head rests, lightweight, ultralight weight wheelchairs with all types of wheels, casters, angled cams, etc
Folding, rigid frames.
Skin protection, etc

Braces and supports for game performance
We can recommend many different types of splints or braces to help you continue your game,
Modify and protect joints, protect skin, eyes,
Neck, Back, Sacroilliac joint,
Hip, knee, ankle supports
Taping for proprioception and protection

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