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Chronic Repetititive Injuries result from repeating tasks and repetitive stress on body parts-

Workers, Instrumentalists, Performers alike feel the long term effects.

You are all Athletes in your own way- You strive to keep top performance for your job!
Many activities cause problems, such as :

  • Repeated dance practice, specific dance moves can affect the spine, neck, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Repeated instrument usage, pressing hard on strings, strumming, playing on keyboards or drums will cause pain in fingers, hands, wrists
  • Forcing breaths for woodwind instruments can cause jaw and neck pain
  • Orchestra or band groups,
  • Music composers and synthesizers looking down or staring at monitors,
  • Inspections or detailed tasks requiring eye focusing, squinting, bending, twisting, stepping up/down, climbing and bending motions.
  • Problems worsen with pounding or drumming
  • Working in cold or hot temperatures,
  • Repeated lift and carry heavy equipment and music instruments.
  • Long distance driving or prolonged sitting places much pressure on the lower spine.

Performing artists such as dancers, instrumentalists, backstage guides often have pain associated with their performance demands.
DANCERS, especially ballerinas incur pain and chronic deformities in their spine, knees, feet, toes
STRINGS players have problems with fingers and hand tightness, contractures, abnormal hand mechanism, as well as head, neck, shoulder strains
WOODWIND players have problems with mouth, jaw, headaches, neck aches, as well as fingering problems and shoulder strain
PERCUSSIONISTS sustain repetitive pain in hands, wrists, fingers, elbows, shoulders, as well as hearing loss and back pain.
MARCHING BAND of course sustain problems from a combination of walking, bending, twisting, dancing, bouncing, while carrying and playing an instrument
ACROBATS sustain all sorts of stresses, including joint instability (from being able to move TOO much!)
The entire body can take some stress, but specific body parts can bear the brunt.
Problems areas are the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, or neck, back. The hips, knees, ankles, feet can also take severe repetitive motions stress.
Abnormal body mechanics, Abnormal posture, Joint misalignments, Joint instability, Muscle spasms, Nerve compressions, Overuse syndromes, Over compensations, Trigger points,
Existing conditions such as extra long toes, "double joints", scoliosis, kyphosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, can cause worsening or predispose one to injury.
Many diagnoses can be treated, we cannot list all, but some are below:
Adhesive capsulitis, Bursitis, Bunions, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cervical disc protrusion, Degenerative joint disease, Headaches, trigger point headaches, stress induced migraines, Low back pain, Lumbar disc herniation, Plantar fasciitis, Shoulder bursitis, shoulder impingement, Sciatica, Shin splints, Tennis elbow, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Thoracic outlet syndrome.
The earlier you start PT treatment and specific fitness training program, the better you learn to take care of yourself, and the higher chance that you'll have to prevent or recover from injury.
Many of us put off problems because we are so busy in our lives. With our therapy training staff, you not only get the right treatment, you also learn the causes of problems so that you can better take care of yourself.
The longer you wait, the more complex the problems.

Take action for better health now!