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Meditation- Body Awareness


  • In every day life we are constantly distracted by multiple ideas, concerns, tasks. In fact, it has been accepted that someone can "multi task". This is not real. The brain really concentrates on one thing at a time, but because we have divided our attention into multiple concerns, we are actually doing less well at each task. We put ourselves in danger of hazardous activities, putting ourselves at risk for unsafe behavior, exposing ourselves to harmful situations or distractions.
  • We give ourselves more stress by expecting to accomplish too many tasks all at once, or in a short period of time.
  • Learn to concentrate on one idea and one thought at a time. Focus our efforts and attention into one single direction.
  • To improve sports performance, visualize how you will play - make step by step, simple analysis of your task deman, to see how you can improve your game at every angle. Plan your body movements and position in space to make this happen in real time.
  • Have the MINDFULNESS and ATTENTION for the right tasks.


  • Mindfulness helps us learn to sense our body position in space. We find out what each part of our body is doing, whether standing still or running or jumping.
  • When we concentrate and stay calm, we listen to our own senses, to understand and "listen" to our nerve feedback. They let us know when, where, how, how much each component of our body is moving, how strong or soft we are pushing off with our feet, how much we are standing on our hips, how much forward our spine is shifting, etc. By mindfulness we learn to concentrate the appropriate feedback to our body in space. WE MOVE BETTER AND MORE ACCURATELY.


Another important mindfulness task is to be aware that we ARE having pain. Listen to the pain. It's telling us how much it hurts, and thus we learn to protect ourselves and improve our skills, to avoid stress injuries. When we hurt, we need to find out immediately WHY, WHAT CAUSED THE PAIN, HOW TO PREVENT and PROTECT. Do not disregard the pain. By learning to understand how our bodies move, we can improve and condition it to perform better without increasing pain. Learn proprioceptive awareness Sensory Stimulation includes facilitating positively:

  • the senses to help you visualize an activity before you start,
  • or helps you associate a good experience with a scent
  • or helps stimulate your olfactory or auditory senses
  • enhance your breathing passages.
  • We also recommend Essential oils combinations or single extracts to help facilitate sensory input.

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